Our Process

Complimentary Consultation

The process starts with a complimentary initial consultation (30-60 min) to discuss your specific needs/goals and determine whether or not the program is a good fit.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule a complete assessment.


The assessment (90 min) consists of a detailed health history analysis, postural examination and range of motion evaluation.  Using Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques ™ (MAT), we’ll check the quality and amount of motion at each joint in your body and evaluate your neuromuscular system’s efficiency at generating force and controlling your joints.  The quality will depend on how much stress, trauma, and overuse your body has experienced through the years.  Only when we’ve gathered all the information can we determine what the right approach is for you. Your body’s state will dictate what type of roadmap will be developed. After 30-45 mins discovering your unique roadmap we’ll spend the remainder of the assessment time implementing this initial plan.

The Plan

With an understanding of the current state of your physiology, we’ll create your specific plan.  This plan will encompass not only your wants, but in some cases needs you don’t know you have.  We start by bringing balance back to your muscular system, then appropriately and safely start applying forces on that newly balanced system. The goal with the plan is to address your issues and get you exercising ASAP in a nice progressive fashion.


We want to design a program that matches the needs of YOUR body.  If your body has experienced a good amount of issues through the years then we need to address that before we proceed to exercise.  To do that we need to use Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques ™ (MAT) as our guide to bring your body back to balance before applying more stress with exercise.

What is MAT?

Benefits of MAT