About Scott

Scott Lamb became a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist because of his own battle with Chronic Pain.  After being an athlete in his youth and being blessed to be a Division IAA Football Player at Illinois State University, where he received his Kinesiology Degree, Scott started experiencing back and hip pain at 23 years old.  For years Scott went to physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractors, applied kinesiologist and started applying stretching and strengthening techniques to help with his chronic condition.  His body felt better doing everything prescribed but other joint problems started to happen.  All of a sudden his shoulder and neck started to bother him.  Whenever Scott Took a break from all the specialist for 1-2 week it seemed like his body just fell apart.

One day while Scott was performing an inner thigh (adductor) stretch, a loud “POP” sound came from his hip.  It was the greatest release of tension he ever experienced.  Then his wife screamed “YOUR FOOT!” as Scott looked down he noticed his knee was pointing straight ahead and his foot was 90 degrees externally rotated (rotated out).  There was no pain and he could move his foot and after performing some corrective exercises hi foot rotated back about 30 degrees.  Then next morning he saw that his foot maintained the 30 degree improvement, then he went to his colleagues to try and figure out what happened and why.  No one knew what happened or why and everyone was too scared to try and help.  While Scott was resting and studying his foot he realized that he could invert his foot but couldn’t evert his foot.

He decided that he would use his will power to command the foot to evert.  As Scott performed these isometrics for 8-10 seconds hit foot began to move.  Scott also noticed that the muscles that seemed to disappear started to reappear before his eyes!  After performing 10-12 repetitions of this eversion isometric his foot rotated in an additional 50 degrees and he could easily walk around pain free.  At that moment Scott knew he figured something out but also knew someone else had to have figured this out already.  After searching the internet Scott discovered MAT Jumpstart, which taught personal trainers how to use isometrics to correct muscular imbalances.  After Scott completed the course he knew he discovered the modality that filled the gap between traditional western medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic and personal training.

Scott then became a Certified MAT Specialist to dedicate his career helping people find the joy of living in their body again and prevent athletes from experiencing crippling pain in the future. If you want to feel better than you did during your prime or want your body to last as long as you can at your sport contact Scott today!