MAT & Pain

Whenever you have tightness or pain in our body, that’s your body’s “check engine” light.  Its your body telling you that something is wrong.  If you are feeling tightness, that means the joint is unstable moving beyond that range of motion.  If you are feeling pain then your joint instability is putting stress on the bones and/or nerves around the joint.  The biggest challenge is to understand that because you may be feeling shoulder pain or low back pain doesn’t mean that the problem is in your shoulder or low back.  You have to look at the whole body to find out why you are experiencing shoulder or low back pain.

A 20 year ankle injury that didn’t heal properly could cause foot dysfunction that causes whole body to compensate in a stuck rotated position.  And by using your arm frequently you start feeling the extra stress in your shoulder.  That is why at Scott Lamb Fitness we thoroughly evaluate the whole body and not just the problem area.  Tightness and pain is a symptoms of muscular weakness, at Scott Lamb Fitness, we look for the muscular cause of your pain and optimize your muscular system.