Sport Specific Training


Whether you are a recreational athlete or preparing for the national championship keeping your muscular system operating optimaly is critical for peak performance.  Just like a high performance race car, the faster and harder you train the more pit stops you need to take. Before injury happens on the field, muscular imbalances from intense training causes abnormal alignment.  This abnormal alignment places stress on joints, ligaments and other tissues creating the symptoms of tight muscles or pain.

Conventional treatments only treat the symptoms and do not address the cause of injury leading to joint instability or more severe injuries in the future.  At Scott Lamb’s Kinesis Clinic our goal is to correct these muscular imbalances before injury occurs.  However, if there is an injury, balancing the muscular system will provide an environment for healing and faster rehabilitation.

The benefits of MAT for athletes is that changes can be immediate. “A professional baseball pitcher increased his throwing velocity by 10mph, immediately following an MAT session.  This was due to improved mechanics combined with pain free motion.  We see these types of changes everyday.” – Greg Roskopf